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Started by admin May 26th, 2020 at 17:50
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admin (Admin)
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Welcome to Funybux Forum.

1. Any people can access and read our forum.
2. Only registered member can post on the forum.
3. Any kind of sexism, racism or abusive comments can suspend you from forum to post further.
4. All kinds of referral link sharing or sponsored link sharing, coping topics, email address or any other social link sharing and phone or mobile number sharing are prohibited in forum posting.
5. Posting payment proof in forum is a must to receive the next payment.
6. If someone post unnecessarily and do spam, he will be ban from forum.
7. We have the right to moderate or delete any post which is violated our terms of service.

Best Regards,
Funybux Admin
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I agree.
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glad to here

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